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We are setting some standards and using some guidelines during our productions. This list is going to grow and will be revised as we come across various challenges, while we will always continue asking the question, “How can this be done more sustainably?”

Here is some of the guidelines we will be following:

  • Eating locally grown fruits and vegetables (or from locally bought farmers market) on set that will benefit everybody’s health.
  • Using public transportation and/or bike transport for everybody and for everything, which will reduce cost and the hassle of street closure, parking permits, and we won’t make enemies with the neighbors because we won’t take away their parking spots.
  • Catering from local restaurants and local vendors so that the food can be biked or walked to set. This will benefit a local business and the community. We’ll bring our own containers to pick up the food or we’ll ask to be catered in reusable containers.
  • We won’t use any plastic bags for anything that we carry, pick up, order, etc. Only canvas.
  • Asking people to bring their coffee mug and/or water bottle.
  • Using washable utensils and plates for eating, which will make people feel like they are part of the family, not just on a temporary job.
  • Shoot at a location that is easily accessible via bus, train, bike, foot and car.
  • Shoot Union and do the paperwork online to reduce waste.
  • Casting submission will be done electronically.
  • Meetings to be held locally and accessible via all modes of transport.
  • Sustainable generators
  • Sustainable options to lighting, set design and filming.
  • …more to come.

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