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#Smart Folks on the Journey

bike trailer shopI spent the morning at City Hall, participating in a robust discussion of LA’s nascent PediCab industry at the Transportation Commission.

Long story short, the LADOT has spent about a year and a half working on their proposed 16 pages of rules and regulations for the operation of PediCabs that left the public convinced that they have never, ever spoken to a cyclist before nor are they interested in ever having that conversation. Nevertheless, we gave it our best and we hope that LA will soon have PediCabs rolling through our neighborhoods.

This has little if anything to do with the Rebel Without A Car shoot other than to point out that typically, a visit to City Hall is a mojo-sucking experience that consumes lots of time for a few moments of public participation, all while the Kings and Queens of the Status Quo do bobblehead impressions and then continue down the path of mediocrity.
On this occasion, as I left City Hall, I wandered through the Farmers Market that is held every Thursday on the south lawn of City Hall. I’ve been here so much it barely registers as I walk through but this time it was different.
Apparently my reticular activator has been primed by all of this discussion of sustainability and this time I noticed folks I’ve never noticed before!
Tyler Bender is a bookbinder who recycles old library books and refills them with recycled paper, crafting beautiful notebooks with repurposed product. He also has a booth at the Silver Lake Farmers Market on Saturdays at Micheltoreno & Sunset. He was great to chat with and I left his booth inspired. His business card was a piece of scrap paper that he stamped and you can check him out at
Kat is a cyclist who operates a bike shop not like any bike shop I’ve ever seen before. It’s called Handmade Store On A Bike and she had lots of great products that she makes by hand from recycled and repurposed materials, all sold from her bike. Her business card was a Priority Mail address label that she stamps and you can check her out at
Tyler will be at the Silver Lake Farmers Market this Saturday, Micheltoreno & Sunset. Kat will be at the “Monsters With Bikes!” ride and art show this Saturday, Bike Oven in Highland Park.
I was stoked to meet such creative people so close to City Hall and it gave me hope.
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  1. Posted February 16, 2010 at 5:40 pm by jim | Permalink

    saw you on ivar st . on sunday the 14 th.
    the Handmade Store ON A Bike,awesome, indeed
    I would like to make a suggestion,AGAIN
    a sigh ASKING for SUGGESTIONS,could help, who knows when

    meeting was a treat
    I wish you well,really
    I believe I mentioned some websites I hope you visit
    John Brehany, Vikki King,DiskMakers ,CDMakers,is about it ???

    hope I see HandMade Store On A Bike again
    cheer you on ,see the smile, who knows when
    you asked about the line on Ivar st.,sigh up for SCREENINGS,yes, indeed

    hope you keep doing your STUFF
    you are probably good at it,sure enought
    someday,I may see you recording people LIVE
    at the famous, HANDMADE STORE ON A BIKE, no jive !!!

    ps.the movie “An Education”, 5 stars, Handmade…,5 stars too !!!

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