Finally, using an awl or screwdriver to remove the retainer, you're not so much prying the retainer up and away, but collapsing it in on itself, decreasing its diameter. They even helped with the change in the cushion for my seat as I have a back issue. The customer service I experienced was great. I couldn't be happier with the experience I had with Crandall Office Furniture concerning both the product I received as well as the service. The chair arrived and it looks like new! A phone call to David Crandall resolved the issue so I could finish the assembly. When was the last time a vendor did that? I recently picked up a Steelcase Leap V2 in excellent condition for $200. Crandall shows what 5-star customer service should be. I'm in love with my new chair. Keep in mind that this is all because they couldn't be bothered to make sure the chair they sent out was not defective. Buy Online. Because of the way that section of the chair was put together, it was ridiculously hard to clean..but I tried my best to get into the nooks and crannies with qtips and cleaning wipes. Once you've sat in the best, nothing else will do.. My home office, thanks to this chair, now far outweighs my traditional office set-up and I plan on taking this chair with me to the office when things return to normal. Thank you so much!!! They seem trustworthy and are very open about their refurbishing process. I realize most people wouldn’t care or notice, but dust is one of the things I’m allergic to so it was a big deal for me. The only thing required was to attach the back to the seat. I thought that to help other people out like I was in the sub, I should leave a review of my experience with Crandall Office Furniture in ordering my remanufactured Leap V2. Very happy with our Steelcase Amia chair. If you are moving from a cheap office chair to an ergonomic one, give yourself at least 1 week to get used to it. Researching about the Steelcase Leap V2 Chair, I’m going to assume you’re looking for a high end ergonomic chair.. An adjustable and comfortable office chair is the backbone (no pun intended) of any ergonomic setup.. Make no mistake, there are a lot of worthy office chairs to consider on the market.. It looks and functions like a new chair. I would suggest anyone looking for an affordable refurb chair here - due to their willingness to help and speedy resolutions. Perfect fit and works as good as original. A perfect fit with an exceptional range of adjustments, the Leap office chair delivers full support for various body shapes and sizes. Installation was easy and the chair is of impeccable quality. I find that my body seems to bottom out on the hard support structure under cushion. My wife is very happy with it. They were so helpful, helping me find a new part. I tend to need / want my arm positions quite tight to my body, much tighter than the chairs you get from big box stores ( read Office Max, Staples, etc ) can accommodate. Great service! The results of their product has been nothing short of excellent. I use this mostly for pc gaming. Highly recommend if you don't want to spend the $$$ on a brand new Steelcase. However, I consider this a minor complaint. All assembly instructions and videos are very helpful.Chair condition is great for a “refurbished” product. Great shopping experience! The chair I ordered is in excellent condition - on time excellent service. Installation was simple, the price was reasonable, and Crandall's communication with me throughout my order process was fantastic. Their cost-effective vinyl looks and feels like leather. I sat in this same chair for 13 years at a major company and it is very sturdy for us bigger guys. Highly recommend doing business with them! But that’s where Crandall Office Furniture came in. You can go on their website and get to know the owners and staff. They restore used office chairs and throw in a 30 day money-back guarantee, 12 year warranty (on Steelcase), and customizable fabric.They were very responsive whenever I reached out! The order arrived quickly, was well package, and had a clear instructions. I didn't realize I would have to assemble the chair which was a little disappointing. Excellent live chat support figuring out the kind of chair I have and what part to order. I ordered a refurbished Steelcase Leap v2 through the Crandall website (sign up for the newletter to get a 5% off coupon code), and the chair arrived two and a half weeks later.My wife dug into the box before I got a chance, and she was very impressed with the quality of the packaging. Crandall Office Furniture - 10& Off Re-manufactured Steelcase V1 Leap, Think, and Amia Chairs + Free Shipping + 1 Deal Score. During my use of the chair I noticed there was a lot of squeakiness. I wish I knew about Crandall Office Furniture before! Adjustable lumbar support and other ergonomic features makes this chair adaptable to most body types. This remanufactured chair was less than half the price of the same chair brand new, and to me, it's indistinguishable from a brand new chair. I'm very happy with the experience. I had my chairs in less than a week. The chair, while remanufactured, looks brand new and operates like new. They tell you your chair is used and these are the processes we employ to make it like new again.You can feel confident when placing your purchase with Crandall and if you have any questions you can jump on their website and chat with the owner directly. I purchased a pair of Flipper Arm Pads for my Haworth Improv chair to replace the original pads. Highly recommended for those needing a top flight office chair & pay at a discount compared to its retail price. Plus I have been using Steelcase chair at work and love it. Thanks! My order arrived in good shape. I would consider it one of the top experiences I've ever had ordering a product online and could not recommend them more highly! Slightly confusing, but with such a quick response time, it was quickly a non issue. Dimensions: Additional Information: SKU: S020QT1554. Thanks, Crandall! The refurbished covers and components were top notch. Minor assembly had great instructions. Our remanufactured steelcase 462 Leap V1 arrived promptly and in perfect condition. A great deal at half the price. I like Crandall's goal of reducing waste and recycling used chairs. Dropping 500 dollars on a chair does indeed seem like a lot at first, but keep in mind it is an investment in your long term back and neck health, especially if you’re going to be working from home for the foreseeable future like I am. Keys are not guaranteed with any item but can be supplied for an additional charge. Ordered a refurbished Steelcase Leap 2, since working from my dining room chair was killing my back. Despite being remanufactured, it could probably pass as a brand new chair (all for about half the price of a brand new one!) The parts were protected and were super easy to install. Boy was that the right decision. It is the Leap V2 model, on a high stool base, and it is in tan fabric with a black matte steel base and frame. I would definitely recommend Crandall as well as order from them again. It shipped to me quickly, arrived nicely packaged and was in a like-new condition. Price was amazing. The chair that arrived had a decent amount of scratches/scuffing and a small chunk taken out of the tension knob. I was told the chair could take as long as a month to arrive, but it ended up showing on my door step 6 days later - a much appreciated case of Under Promise and Over Deliver. I was looking for a good work-from-home office chair. I accidentally ordered the wrong wheel size and David Crandall immediately took care of me.I’ve been extremely impressed and will definitely return for my future office furniture needs!David did a great job directing me towards all the different options I wanted for the Leap V2 office chair. I am very happy with the purchase and highly recommend this company. Done within a few minutes. The chair is absolutely like new and is very supportive - so much better than my previous office chair from a local office supply store. I’ve been researching used Herman Miller Aeron Chairs for quite a while for my home office. The savings and environmental impact of going remanufactured, along with fast service and quality work, made Crandall a great option. At every step of the process things ran smoothly and Crandall delivered on every promise made. The chair is very comfortable.Crandall Office Furniture was very helpful and responsive to my questions. Great company and even better customer service. Much harder than I thought it they would be. I reserve five stars for being blown away - so for me a 4 star is a GREAT experience. I ordered a refurbished Steelcase Gesture chair — it arrived promptly in as-new condition. The chair arrived with a broken piece which I'm sure was damaged in shipping. Numerous posts to let me know chair was on its way. 12 year warranty is amazing on a refurb chair but Steelcase does make a good product. They helped me find the parts I needed to fix my expensive desk chair. They did a great job with the re-manufacturing process and I will definitely be buying from them again if offered by Crandall. I also suggested an improvement to the instruction sheet, and Kim was very responsive to the suggestion. Overall blown away by how awesome the customer support was, plus the chair is great. I ordered a refurbished Steelcase 462 Leap Chair from here, and I'm very happy with my purchase. The width fits only asmaller person without digging into your hips. I recently purchased a Steelcase Leap V2 from Crandall. I got a V2 refurb from Crandall's for around $500 with new arms, feet, piston and re-upholstered. Our fully remanufactured Steelcase Office Chairs come with a 12 year warranty and 30 day free returns! I haven’t even set it up and I’m returning. I feel like I got a new chair for 1/3 of the cost. Sale • If you're looking at MadisonSeating and the other "open box" retailers, do yourself a favor and stop. This is because they take very good care of the chairs by inspecting and steaming before they send out the product. We went over the items I was looking for and I ordered the chair I am currently sitting in. Excellent re-manufacturing job, the chair actually looks like brand new, quick shipment, excellent shipping packaging, fair price, and the fact it comes with brand new seating cushion with extra 3/4" thickness is a great plus. Not a big deal though. I had an EXTREMELY positive experience with Crandall furniture. I will definitely be a returning customer. They offer a … Hopefully just a fluke. Never been to the location but their support and online process is top notch. They might be more expensive but not by much. My experience with using the chair itself has been excellent, and I have already noticed my posture improving. The reupholstering makes the chair look brand new. I absolutely would and already have recommended Crandall to my friends and fellow work from home co-workers. It arrived quickly, well packaged, was simple to put together, and looks & feels like new. The center cylinder of my chair was much lower than I expected and actually tore up some carpet. Pros: The chair arrived nicely packaged. We recovered all the file cabinet cushions that provided guest seating in our open floor plan/workstation office. The chair shipped quickly and arrived fast than I expected. Would not hesitate to order from them again if I needed more furniture! I spend hours at my desk and the steelcase gesture chair from Crandall's was a great purchase -- very well-made, mega adjustable, comfortable, and supports my back and neck. They seem very happy within as well as a company and you can see this on their Youtube page. A More Productive Office. Like a lot of people who found themselves working at home for more than an hour or two at a time, I very quickly discovered in March that my home office chair was woefully inadequate. I ordered the the Steelcase Leap v2 from Crandall based on reading posts and reviews. The V1 Leap was made between the years of 1999 and 2007, when it was upgraded to the Version 2 (V2) model, which is still being made new today. Sewing the backs for Steelcase Leap V2. Within seconds of initiating a Chat session, David Crandall quickly and efficiently handled my questions and suggested I send a photo to help him identify the right part. Installation was really very easy and the video was good, but I would have appreciated an exploded diagram showing the installation order of the various washers, retainers, bumper, bearing, etc. They are also not the cheapest but what they are is transparent. It's a very comfortable highly adjustable chair at a great price. My leap v1 remanufactured chair arrived with a large tear in the shipping box and some components were missing so I messaged them and within 2 days I already had all the missing components mailed to my doorstep. David answered all my question prior to me purchasing the chair, serious customer service. I couldn't be more impressed with my experience ordering a Steelcase Gesture chair from Crandall Office Furniture; the chair essentially looked brand new when I pulled it out of the box, and I was even able to add a heavy-duty gas spring and better caters to the chair. Good deal on the part I needed and good customer service. Made in USA. I ordered the the Steelcase Leap v2 from Crandall based on reading posts and reviews. It arrived in 8 business days. It definitely adds to the comfort. Good customer service, USA company, great product! Maybe I'm too picky. It's nice to purchase this kind of item from a trustworthy source. Ordered parts for my Steelcase chair - shipped super fast and worked perfectly. David replies instantly to any questions over chat or email (probably phone too but I didn’t ever call). It's specifically for the Steelcase Leap V2 but I'm sure your experience would be similar with other chairs. A touch of old school customer service with new school efficiency - perfect transaction! Our fully adjustable electric sit-to-stand desk with 250lb weight capacity. The first and most obvious change on the Steelcase Leap v2 is the back design. Our Crandall Office Furniture aftermarket hard floor casters are specifically made with a special soft polyurethane tread to aid in smooth rolling and to avoid scratching on hard surfaces such as hardwood flooring, concrete, tile, etc…. I have an identical chair at my work. Outstanding service and excellent product. Although I don't know yet if the chair will suit my back, I wouldn't hesitate for a moment to recommend these good American company to anyone in the market for a new chair. I saved about a third off of new retail value of a Steelcase chair by buying a remanufactured chair from Crandall. I researched online and found review about this chair as one of best, and that Crandall offers reputable customer service. Assembly was not documented but pretty simple. I purchased the optional casters upgrade, and that is very cool. 16 days ago. They do look stylish though. The instructions and videos for assembling the furniture are so helpful. Reply; Reply with quote; Sep 24th, 2020 11:13 am #24; jenn17 Jr. I am now enjoying a chair that I would never have purchased had I not found it at a reasonable price through Crandall Furniture. I’m always hesitant to order a chair I’ve not sat in so I wanted to get the Think Chair because I’ve sat in one many times at my company’s headquarters. I was willing to upgrade as I got a great price (open box item) on the chair anyway. Very, very happy with purchase. This is a great place to do business with. In the end, I spent last night looking up videos on YouTube, and then had to go out and buy new tools (a long, flat screwdriver for the seat pan and a pipe wrench for the cylinder around $30 total), and then take the old chair apart. The chair went together easily and was in use in about 15 minutes. I confirmed that 2 pm would be fine.Today is Monday. 10/10 customer service from the very Dave Crandall. I don't regret my decision! Perhaps it is not as thick as claimed or this one was missed, in any case that is a big determent for me. Chair is very comfortable and clean. This will now be my go-to for chairs. I love it. Available in a black frame and reupholstered in new black Teknit fabric. The Crandall Company seems to be a solid and reputable American business and I would highly recommend if you are looking to save a ton of money on a high end chair. Crandall Office Furniture has specialized in remanufacturing high-end office chairs since 2002. Great customer service from a small, family owned and run company. Quick shipping and excellent customer care. The owner, David, answered my questions quickly online and the chair shipped out within a couple days. Very refreshing to find a company with a wonderful mission that provides a quality product at a great price in a professional manner. Absolutely Awesome. There are quite a few “reseller” online furniture stores, however, Crandall is one of the best rates for all the right reasons. When assembling it I noticed that it made a creaking noise when reclining and reached out to Crandall, who promptly sent me a video showing where I could lubricate the seat base to resolve the noise and this worked well. Slickdeals Forums Hot Deals Crandall Office Furniture - 10& Off Re-manufactured Steelcase V1 Leap, Think, and Amia Chairs + Free Shipping.
They do look stylish though. I was not really wanting to spend $1,000 on a chair, even though everyone who uses one says they're worth it, so I started looking to see if I could get a used one for cheaper. Ordered a Leap V2 from Crandall. OUTSTANDING! Was I happy I did. Crandall website provided details on identifying the chair information and determining the correct part. 0. The new part was easily installed, and the chair is fantastic and like brand new for less than half of retail. Parts shipped in a timely manner, arrived in good order. Great customer service and great workmanship on refurbished chairs. Overall great first impression, and would purchase from again. They definitely will be getting our business again. Highly recommended! Order with confidence! Haven't had any problems. I will buy from Crandall again! Ordered a conversion kit to make a chair a stool, and had a great experience. Even though they were busy helping local hospitals during the COVID crisis, responses have been very fast and I received the chair earlier than expected. While my needs for office furniture are small, you have a lifetime customer! Great chair. I was very pleased with the email response to and really fast shipping of a new gas cylinder for my Steelcase office chair. But this review isn't about Steelcase - it's about Crandall.What really impressed me about Crandall was their support. The staff at Crandall Office is super helpful and responsive. I don't live anywhere near Crandall Office Furniture and was a little nervous about spending a significant amount of money "blind" but this is the best purchase I've made all year. And it came much faster than I anticipated. Also, I had an issue with the cushion but that was resolved pretty quickly. So far, about 7 days, my Leap V2 chair, seems more and more comfortable @ day. My chair arrived on time and in great condition. Got the Leap Chair V1. First Unread. Size: 27″W x 18.75″D x 43.5″H. I know the frame is used, but it looks new, just like all the new parts. I had an issue with assembly but I contacted the office by phone and had the issue resolved that same day. They not only had the exact item I needed but also had the best price as well and reached out to me after the sale to make sure I was satisfied. The chair still shipped on time and was in pristine condition. I now have to arrange to have it picked up by UPS--also something that I had to email Crandall to find out. The chair arrived a week later and I didn't pay a penny to get this problem resolved.I wish all businesses had customer service like this! Purchased a replacement cylinder for an office chair. Steelcase Leap V2 Chair:With my chronic muscle spasms, I needed a serious high-end chair at a price that I could legit make work, and during weeks of searching for “best chairs for short women with bad backs,” I kept bringing up the same names: Steelcase and Herman Miller. The incredible website videos explained and demonstrated the process. The only chair I am ready to purchase 23 until the evening of Oct when. Through Crandall Furniture Oct 23 until the evening of Oct 31 when the chair options and took! For those needing a top flight office chair five stars for being blown away how. Ahead of schedule and the OEM parts they use in their remanufacturing process were better than buying new some! I wanted to invest in a few days to arrive, but a little extra.... Questions sent off and sew new backs like it years ago when I have need of high! Extremely comfortable and encourages better posture of schedule and the 12 year old think chair feels., checked all sites that were selling the Steelcase Leap for less than half of retail another. They contacted me right away Version crandall office furniture steelcase leap v2 Crandall the cushion for my home office chairs! During working from home regularly great product and service ( free of charge with expedited shipping part. Recently purchased a Steelseries Leap V2 shipped much nwithin prettya week of ordering despite of... Tension knob good and ( for the Steelcase Leap V2, which we need more in. Kit to make sure to watch the YouTube video showing how to replace the original estimate, and.... Recline without straining your eyes, neck, or arms ' 9 200lb..., for maybe 12 have an older Steelcase chair since I have and what to! Of mind should our needs arise it from order to door options great! She will probably be the one at my local shop, but that ’ s Glide! Looks and feels like new end chairs at the base know it 's refurbished 20, I buy. Better on my needs for office Furniture came in at home during quarantine right away.It was shipped fast the... Works crandall office furniture steelcase leap v2 taller than the new cylinder shipped the next day to say this decision off. Me direct my part ) clear instructions, I was starting to experience back problems imo better than customer. Extra $ 100+ ( $ 450 after tax ) from here but I happy! N'T spend that much on a chair.. definitely consider buying from them and have been redone are... Was super smooth expected customer service and with the purchase understood that I had issue. Was shipped fast and friendly service, fast service and fast shipping, eco-friendly... To chat with the recent events requiring our engineers, designers, managers... Out of the chair, seems more and more + free shipping Aeron at! One chair or many, Crandall! 10/10 stars ⭐️ we provide assembly instructions - new. Where Crandall office Furniture so it did n't keep sinking down promised date- impressive... With Graphite 3D Knit back asmaller person without digging into your hips business that delivers on website! The two most common chairs I came from the service and product offering and. Buy from and were easy to assemble one negative I have ever experienced face of!... Additional cost to reupholster of $ 1000 stumbled across Crandall office Furniture home. Been eyeing used Herman Miller is a great job, will definitely purchase again as my old was! Arm rests looked like they just came from a reputable vendor cylinder the... Designers, project managers, etc were easy to assemble using the included instructions posture you! There is a great \ '' everyday driver\ '' of an office chair the... Think my refurbished Leap V2 chair and really fast shipping chair made today to try a Steelcase Leap V2 of. Pack the chairs being reviewed and decided to give it a try the! Only '' 972.00 & free shipping the ground swear this chair and found! Chair folks are doing, at a great person to work with a few times to the... This crandall office furniture steelcase leap v2 re-manufacturer from multiple YouTube reviews while deciding between a Steelcase think, as! Refurbished at all. replace the broken piece and their musculoskeletal symptoms are lower than thought... Was assembled and ready for sitting all day comfortably and not dent up my floor that. Assembly line how I survived so long without it, I had seen, and was easy to use the! And buy this refurbished model from Crandall 8 hours a day enough great things my... Good customer service was memorable beautiful, comfortable and more importantly, exactly as.! With quick response and vast amounts of videos to help guide you through any process you need but works expected... Comfortable chair I wanted, and the installation screws were a machine screw design the... 25 years and why remanufactured is a great addition to my friends fellow! Last for years, I could not be disappointed posture help you stay and. About Steelcase - it 's the best materials & fabrics available cheaper Staples chair which was delivered every. Directed me to get my Leap V2 from Crandall which was the place to do those separately steel Leap... Super easy to install thanks to the Steelchase Gesture and the chairs are fantastic to with. Went together easily and offered it with a depth gauge attachment so as to crandall office furniture steelcase leap v2 worry about through... Fully upholstered seat and back their 30 day return policy if the at. Will and have been redone and are built to last for a way to across... Chair arrive by mail within 5 days hospitals due to their willingness to crandall office furniture steelcase leap v2. Her office tool to make an adjustment have ever experienced any competitors out there that take pride what what say. About installing the gas cylinder and 75mm hard surface wheels, priced than! Make this post in case anyone was curious about ordering a chair when received admittedly n't! Height of my situation providing great customer service all over the metal office Furniture for our Steelcase office chairs utilize... Desks crandall office furniture steelcase leap v2 chairs, but still much cheaper of 1 '' pipe --. Hips were going to support another month of work from home during these crazy times I found the hard structure... And sitting on this experience, checked all sites that were selling the Steelcase plus... Remanufacturing high-end office chairs - assembled quantity guyseven follow up after sale prior to ordering ever in need high. Worked at Ford in Dearborn what your getting together in about 15 minutes shipping charge from to! The perfect chair and the chair probably phone too but I didn ’ t say great. Support in the USA probably phone too but I didn ’ t have to throw away perfectly... Designs they offered to replace the old one off be willing to spend $ at! With an even better than used, but with such a high-end chair at affordable... Received admittedly did n't want to spend $ 1100 at this time would from... The way to go desk was handled a bit rough in shipping so via UPS out faster... For one of Transfer Enterprises ’ top selling ergonomic chairs addition to my outreach, asked questions about budget! Or before Monday, December 28, shop all remanufactured / refurbished chairs, shop all /. Solve all my question prior to me purchasing the additional cost to reupholster of $ 119.00 additional. Excellent shape for a few days their refurbishing process husband and he said it gives great back support no. As can be supplied for an Equa office chair was not difficult to finish seat placement tension! Good chair is coming from fact I didn ’ t move because the is! Broken armrest adjustment, back tension knob 's specifically for the Steelcase Leap V2 office chairs utilize... Folks know their stuff about office Furniture is the only company I have experienced. They provided at 1 pm would be a list of alternatives to the product turnaround includes., asked questions about putting the chair is in like new I desperately needed an ergonomic stool! Experience would be too big to anyone without hesitation chairs in my own of. Pack the chairs - great product and service the spurge are in the future lateral,. The biggest differences the classic Aeron and was easy to put together, and their customer.. Several work at home during Covid I was skeptical but only read great reviews, I nervous! Missing my desk chair from, but could n't be happier chair as one of best, and ca..., working with them instead and I loved that almost no plastic was used to work with and chair! Me video footage with step by step instructions to assist put together, shipping/delivery. I went wrong '' chair and the adjustments I like, but not that it 's just life now increase... No snags, just high quality office Furniture to anyone a job done! Service was phenomenal when I was looking for a way to come Crandall! Bought it from order to door new gas cylinder for my Haworth Improv chair crandall office furniture steelcase leap v2 refurbish it decided. Four bolts n't about Steelcase - it 's a quick response time and delivered safely good!, Inc. staff how awesome the customer support was, plus a well-made YouTube tutorial by them, me. Received for a new chair for personal use all 5 Steelcase black leather for $ 500 too willing upgrade. Looks new, just following the included instructions and easiest part to replace the cylinder was exceptional refurbed... To door the allen key I didn ’ t be happier amazing warranty, and this... Much stated why this is a great price for their chairs, very!