Our Build-It-Yourself Rifle kits are one of the best ways to get a real hands-on muzzleloading experience! I've settled on 70 grains of black, with a 1 3/4" "Charlie Hahn" tube and a Brooks Ringtail bullet (about 460 grs.) LYMAN Great Plains Flintlock Kit .50 & .54 cal. My Waadtländer has been built in 1992 and was the rifle of my dad. Quigley: not for the newbie. Great for families, groups, and clubs to do together and when finished you will have a fully functional rifle that you can use for hunting, shooting, or display. The Sharps Extra Deluxe features intricate engraving and AAA-grade satin walnut. The .50-90 Sharps rifle cartridge is a black-powder cartridge that was introduced by Sharps Rifle Manufacturing Company in 1872 as a buffalo (American bison) hunting round. I have never used a .54 cal rifle before. The 45-70 Government cartridge was adopted by the United State Military in 1873. Previously available only through select World Class Collection™ dealers, it is now available through all Uberti dealers. Pedersoli's replica is a faithful faithful recreation of this historic firearm. I have had good results in cartridge guns using Clean Shot. The bullet lube was mixing with the fouling, keeping it soft the full length of the Sharps’ 30-inch barrel. It produces a little more velocity than black powder. Black Powder Sharps - Rifles Forbes Wholesale Pty Ltd Licensed Gun Dealer (License No. CPA Rifles, makers of fine reproductions of the Stevens 44 1/2 single shot rifle and other accessories for traditional, black powder and Schuetzen shooters. Percussion Rifle had superior accuracy compared to commonly issued muzzleloaders, making it the ideal weapon for snipers. These traditional single-shot, rolling block, trapdoor, and slide- and lever-action designs are built using today’s finest manufacturing methods and materials, so you can confidently use modern loads. All powder grain weights given are for Swiss n.3 black powder. maxi hunter's, and sabots with 300 gr.Hornady XTP's? The ammunition may be fixed, breech-seated or loaded from the muzzle. Chambered in classic .45-70, Uberti’s replicas of all 6 configurations of the 1874 Sharps Rifle are true to the originals.. Add To Cart. To satisfy the request of our customers and shooters, some years ago, we started a project for the production of one of the most famous rifles of the American Civil War era. There is a maximum shipment amount of 25 pounds. $414.99. I have an early Farmingdale '63 sporter in 54 caliber. Black Powder - Sharps Rifle is an antique rifle that was once used during the American Civil War. 1 Heavy Rifle Barrel Faithful to the “Sharps No. It is a cal .45 barrel with a 1200mm twist and a length of 782mm. Any cartridge originally designed as a black powder rifle cartridge is allowed, including .40-60, .45-70, .50-70, and others. In the following years, with my growing interest in Black Powder shooting, I learned to shoot with one of the most accurate rifles for 50m percussion tournaments, the “Waadtländer”. I am a little new when it comes to reloading for black powder. Later Sharps rifles, notably the buffalo guns of the 1870s, also were breech loaders but used brass cartridges. 407-000-00-F) All images contained in the catalogue remain the property of the respective manufacturer Page 1 Business Rifle Long Range Rifle Buffalo Rifle Sporting Rifle 1874 Sharps rifle Kits-Rifle & Black Powder; Sort by: Kits-Rifle & Black Powder. Never Sacrificing Quality Own a Piece of History As you look around the pages of this site, you will discover that, as with the original Sharps, our rifles are not intended for the mass market. Long, 30" blued round barrel. Provenance: The makers have kindly confirmed that this rifle was completed on the 4th June 1840 for Lord Seagrave and described as a percussion double rifle weighing 8lbs 5oz. Loading cartridges for black powder rifles is much more complicated than when using modern nitro-based propellants and while my Sharps has been nitro-proofed, I prefer to do things the traditional way thereby making a … Frontier Rifle Kit .50 cal Flintlock. Interestingly, the bore dimensions for Civil War Sharps firearms seem much smaller than those of the earlier Model 1852 and 1853 “Slant-Breech” Sharps carbines that I tested in previous issues of Black Powder Cartridge News. I have loaded smokeless powder for over 30 years now but I have only been reloading black powder for about 3 years and a lot more to learn. Another substitute for black powder is Clean Shot. Rifles such as the 1874 Sharps, 1885 Winchester High Wall, 1873 Springfield Trap Door, Stevens 44 ½, etc. barrels and 14 7/8in. My son Newzerdude and I get introduced to the world of Black Powder Match Shooting. The Pedersoli® 1859 Sharps Infantry Rifle is the last of the percussion rifles ever invented and is considered to be the rifle that paved the way for the transition to the centerfire cartridge rifles that we are familiar with today. Don't think I'd want to try this load. Re: National Black Powder Cartridge Rifle Trophy..... Post by Steve Rhoades » Mon Sep 25, 2017 2:26 pm Since silhouette did originate in Mexico I think a life like statue of the Frito Bandito should be on the top. I believe this one will hold over 100 grains of powder. Black Powder Cartridge Rifle "Enjoying fine old rifles and good friends - one shot at a time." Black powder for your black powder cartridge rifle, cowboy pistols & muzzle loaders. 1874 Sharps rifle “SHARPS PTD” The name that shooters and collectors all over the world dream about. The chamber should hold approximately 50 to 60 grains of black powder in .45 caliber, and 60 to 80 grains in .54 caliber. of GOEX to use in my new to me .54 cal. You can build your own cannon, rifle, or pistol and various models are available in each category. Attention, there is a minimum black powder purchase quantity of 5 pounds per shipment. Used extensively by U.S. Army sharpshooters, the.1859 Sharps Infantry .54-Cal. The Sharps rifle has always been a versatile firearm design, easily adapted to different calibers. Compare. ... the .45-70 is readily available in many loadings and is easily reloaded both with black and smokeless powder. Per NRA rules, black powder or pyrodex is allowed over the “newer” smokeless powders, who many consider a “passing fad”. LYMAN Great Plains Rifle Percussion Kit .50 & .54. We stock a full range of muzzleloading supplies, including bullet starters, cappers, cleaning gear, flasks, and more. rifle’s muzzle would have black grease on it. Compare. Sold Only here at the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop from the Hit TV Show “Pawn Stars” ONLY Here in Las Vegas! The .50-90 Sharps rifle cartridge is a black-powder cartridge that was introduced by Sharps Rifle Manufacturing Company in 1872 as a buffalo (American bison) hunting round.Like other large black-powder rounds, it incorporates a heavy bullet and a large powder … I have been using the book called, Reading the SPG Lubricants BP Cartridge Reloading Primer by Mike Venturino … CVA Optima V2 Nitride Barrel Break Action Black Powder Rifle $ 331.00 (1) CVA Accura V2 Nitride Stainless Steel Muzzleloader .50 Calib $ 608.00 (6) CVA PR2022S Optima V2 209 Magnum Break-Action 50cal 26" Stainle $ 311.00 (6) CVA PR2020S Optima V2 209 Magnum Break-Action 50cal 26" Stainle Make sure that the chamber is completly filled with powder to avoid any empty space between powder and ball. It is the most powerful round that an 1874 Sharps rifle could use. Shop online for black powder guns and supplies at Hinterland Outfitters, including black powder rifles, pistols, revolvers and bullets. By Chris Peterson for C. Sharps Arms Inc. Early models of the Sharps rifle, notably the 1859 and 1863 models, were breech loading using either loose black powder or paper cartridges. My cousin, Smokin', has been competing in black powder for years. Any lead or lead-alloy bullet may be used. How much powder should I use with roundballs, 435gr. Black Powder Cartridge Rifle Barrels Green Mountain black powder cartridge riflebarrels are machined from high quality American bar stock, A ... Sharps No. Traditions™ Build-It-Yourself Kits are not only a great project for families, clubs, or groups but a great way to build your own firearm, get to know the internal workings, and have the statisfaction of knowing you built the gun you enjoy shooting or hunting with! The standard service load for the infantry rifle was 70 grains of black powder and a 500 grain bullet. The 45-70-2 1/10 Sharps. Like black powder, it produces a lot of smoke and can be used in handguns and rifles. We can ship two 25 pound shipments per person or address per day. NRA Black Powder Target Rifle (BPTR) competition allows any safe original, modern production or even custom variety black powder rifle to be fired in matches at distances up to 1,000 yards. Like other large black-powder rounds, it incorporates a heavy bullet and a large powder volume, leading to high muzzle energies. of 16-bore with 30in. I loaded up some 550 grain Flat nose bullets for my 50/90 sharps rifle today. The most popular cartridges are 38-55, 40-65, 40-70, and 45-70. Compare. Black powder Rifles. Uberti cartridge rifles embody the look and feel of the Old West. Right here at Buffalo Arms … Literature from the Sharps Rifle Company in the 1870s recommended using a bullet lube of equal parts Japan Wax and sperm oil, neither of which ingredient is now commonly available. While non corrosive, Clean Shot leaves a white residue in the gun but is fairly easy to remove. The earlier guns, … This particular rifle will take a 2" Charlie tube, easily. Fixed front sight. I am getting verey antsy to fire this gun. are seen on the RBGC silhouette range. of Charlies design. Zoli, Antonio & Co. .45 Sharps capping Breachloader Falling Block Rifle (Black Powder) (R/H) - S/H White Mountain Carbine. Swiss, Goex & Schuetzen black powder. I just picked up a lb. Shop our collection of obsolete & black powder Ammo for sale, we also offer the reloading supplies for these old and obsolete calibers so you can reload your own ammo. Reloading 45-90 Black Powder Ammunition for the Sharps Rifle. £495 US$671/€547. Q Down Under (Quigley) is … stock. Sporting-grade black powder is the primary propellant in NRA Black Powder Target Rifle competition. With easy step-by-step instructions, this kit is simple to assemble. Welcome to shilohrifle.com home of the Shiloh Sharps ® Black Powder Rifle.