The Best Thickness for Your Steak Why Steak Thickness Matters In this guide to steak thickness, we tell you why thicker is better when it comes to great beef, and give you tips for cooking thin and extra-thick steaks. (In fact, Curtis Stone made one for Rach's 50th birthday — watch in the video above!). Place on wire rack-lined baking sheet. This makes it easier to share and can help it stretch further at a dinner party since it visually looks like more when serving — giving you more bang for your buck. In Australia and New Zealand, "ribeye" is used when this USDA Prime Grade Rib Eye Steak Primal Cut In Half It all has to do with the direction of the meat’s muscle fibers. Curtis Stone made one for Rach's 50th birthday, butcher Ray Venezia suggests 1/2 pound per person, dry-aging your beef at home with two easy steps, breakdown of what temperature your steak should reach. If you love Rachael's mag, "Rachael Ray In Season," as much as we do & have been waiting for the day you could subscribe to it, you can now! Follow this recipe to learn how to cook beautiful thick cut ribeye steaks, seasoned and cooked to perfection. A ribeye steak is cut from the same primal rib section as the prime rib into individual slices before cooking, and then trimmed. It’s that easy! By signing up, I agree to the Terms & to receive emails from the “Rachael Ray” show. Depending on how rare or well-done you like your steak, here's the breakdown of what temperature your steak should reach. You might think a steak is a steak, but a lot of things go into creating the perfect eating experience. Too funny! But while a dinner out at a steakhouse is notorious for breaking the bank, you can save about 20 percent by cooking your own at home. Place the Rib Eye Steak primal on a large cutting board, place the primal rib side down and slice through the primal in the middle, perpendicular to the cutting board to produce a straight cut creating two equal halves of the primal. Pan-Fried Ribeye Steak. Consider the number of people you need to serve and the desired portion sizes when determining how thick to cut each slice. One of the greatest steaks I have ever grilled is a Cowboy Cut ribeye. After you pull the steak out of the oven, take it out of the pan. It's often reserved for special occasions, like birthdays and anniversaries. Once you’ve achieved a good sear, turn the meat and sear on the other side for 2 minutes. PAT STEAKS DRY. Taste of Home is America's #1 cooking magazine. Knowing how to cut steak is the important final step. Wrap the steak in foil and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Rib-eye steak is considered one of the best steaks on the market. Medium: 140° - 150° Daphne Oz's Healthy & Cheesy Comfort Food. "Also, the natural enzymes in the meat break down the tissue, so it's that much more tender.". Rach Shares Big News About Her Mag: You Can Finally Subscribe Again! Heat a medium cast iron skillet over medium high heat until very hot, about 1-2 minutes; add canola oil. If you want to pump up the flavor even more (like Curtis does), add about 2 tablespoons of butter — along with smashed garlic and a few sprigs of thyme and rosemary — to the pan before the steak finishes cooking. If serving a crowd, slice your steak across the grain into ½-inch-thick pieces. [1] X Research source © 2021 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. … Feb 12, 2008 You just really can’t ever know the wonder of this beauty until you prepare it in your own kitchen. Ribeye filet, ribeye cap, ribeye steak. Medium-Rare: 130° - 140° Butcher's Note The portion of the forequarter remaining after excluding the Cross-Cut Chuck and Short Plate and containing 7 ribs (6 to 12). Cooking a ribeye steak in the oven is simple and only requires a few ingredients. When it is well prepared, there is nothing quite like a ribeye steak. 5) ADD BUTTER FOR ADDITIONAL FLAVOR (OPTIONAL). Rib Primal | Primal Cut. Dry-aging beef "concentrates the meat flavor," says chef Sara Moulton. Once the skillet is hot, add 1 to 2 tbsp. It can come with the rib or boneless. Lower the heat to medium. It’s finer and harder to find in tender cuts like beef tenderloin or New York striploin, but larger and easier to identify in tougher steaks (such as skirt or flank). Use the Sharpest Knife You Can Find. Even an extra-thick slice pan-sears to medium-rare fairly quickly, particularly if you roast it briefly at a high temperature as well. Try the Exclusive Omaha Cut Ribeye here for under $10 per steak. Dried herbs are more potent than fresh herbs. This premium cut of meat comes from the loin muscle, which is a long muscle stretching from the neck base to the hip, outside of the rib cage. Cooking time depends on the thickness of your meat and how you'd like it cooked. Sear the outside of the meat. Give it a light cover of … One prime rib can be cut into seven ribeye steaks! Remember, using a meat thermometer is the best way to tell when your steak has reached its desired temperature. This video is unavailable because we were unable to load a message from our sponsors. And who wants to turn a perfectly cooked steak into a chewy mess? COOKING TIMES Rub steak on all sides with spice mixture and let stand at room temperature for 3 to 4 hours or up to … Not all the cuts in the rib family work well with slow cooking methods: Ribeye steak, for example, will always kick better grilled or fried in a skillet. Over the years of grilling these monsters I have found some simple tips that guarantee BBQ heaven. Adjust add-ins to taste, as this recipe is way easier and faster than it looks. Cast-iron is perfect for cooking steak because it gets really hot (and stays that way) for a long period of time. Rest the ribeye. Ribeye Steak in the Oven Recipe. Not so much! Plus, you can view Omaha Steaks value packages here for even better savings on all sorts of protein including some of my favorite fish!!. 6) FINISH COOKING YOUR STEAKS ON THE STOVETOP OR IN THE OVEN. Rib-eye steak is a juicy cut of beef that can make a richly satisfying meal. Hilarious Exchange Between Rach & John About What They Ate On First Date (LOL & Awww), "Sorry, honey," Rach says after sweetly correcting John & remembering perfectly how the night went. Cook 30 seconds without moving. While you can buy your prime rib dry-aged, you’ll be paying a pretty penny — so consider dry-aging your beef at home with two easy steps instead. Thanks to its high fat content, the ribeye will always be revered for its great flavor. Situated under the front section of the backbone and used primarily for support. If it gives you too much trouble, you can always become anti-grill marks like me: A steak that’s seared all over actually tastes better, and it’s certainly less distracting to slice. Cover the bottom of the pan with a single layer of … Before placing the steaks on the skillet, pat the steak dry with paper towels and season with salt and pepper. If using dried herbs, cut the quantity in half. If you're using butter, as the butter melts, baste the butter, garlic and herb mixture over the top of the steak for extra flavor. Celebrate your new steak-cutting skills with our favorite grilled steak recipes. Ribeye is the ideal cut of steak -- a perfect balance of tenderness and flavor. Marinade: The marinade is made with honey, fresh garlic, fresh herbs, butter, olive oil, salt, and pepper.Dried herbs can be substituted for fresh herbs. The rib-eye is cut from the roast—known as a prime rib or standing rib roast—that sits at the top of the rib primal, the part of the cow between the chuck and the loin. Align the steak on the cutting board so the muscle fibers run left to right. If you're not sure how much meat you need, butcher Ray Venezia suggests 1/2 pound per person, plus 2 pounds to account for the bones (so you need at least 4 pounds for 4 people). The shorter fibers are much easier to chew, resulting in a perfectly tender steak. Add a bit of olive oil to prevent your steak from sticking to the skillet, then place your steak it to get cooking. How do you make sure you’re always slicing the right way? Allowing it to rest before slicing will let the juices redistribute throughout your entire piece of steak. Bake until the desired internal temperature is reached, 105 degrees F for rare, 115 for medium rare and 125 for medium, 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Make sure you preheat the skillet over medium-high heat to get it hot. Unlike a prime rib, ribeye steak is not roasted slowly in the oven. Flank Steak with Cilantro & Blue Cheese Butter, Peppered Filets with Horseradish Cream Sauce, Bacon-Wrapped Filets with Scotched Mushrooms, Instant Pot’s 9-in-1 Air Fryer Is on Sale Right Now—and It’s a Must-Have for Your Kitchen, Do Not Sell My Personal Information – CA Residents. Place the steak in the middle of the skillet and cook, turning every 2-3 minutes, until a dark crust has formed on both sides, about 12-14 minutes. I can thank my friends at Lobel’s for introducing me to this!!! Slice the meat into even slices anywhere between 1/2 inch and 2 inches thick. A meat thermometer should read 130°F. While she spends most of her time writing these days, she still exercises her culinary muscles on the regular, taking any opportunity to turn local, seasonal ingredients into beautiful meals for her family. 1) TAKE STEAK OUT OF FRIDGE 30 MINUTES BEFORE COOKING. "The bone-in ribeye is such a beautiful cut of meat," Curtis says. H ow to grill a tender ribeye steak? A top dermatologist shares her winter skincare routine + her favorite hydrating products to beat dry, flaky skin. Medium-Well: 150° - 160° When it’s finished cooking and has rested for 10 to 15 minutes, all the critical thinking parts are done, right? Immediately place the steak in the middle of the hot, dry skillet. Here's how. There are many ways to cook ribeye steaks, including broiling them in the oven. Meat: This recipe is meant for a bone-in ribeye roast or prime rib roast around 7 lbs (3 kg) in size. Easy Skillet Chicken Parm From Melissa Clark's "Kid In the Kitchen". Let's figure it out. These muscles run along the steer's spine and on top of the ribs. with a large, heavy knife in a fluid motion to create thick slices, against the grain of the meat. The shorter fibers are much easier to chew, resulting in a perfectly tender steak. By Ree Drummond. Before placing the steaks on the skillet, pat the steak dry with paper towels and … Rare: 120° - 130° SERVING TIP: For instance, it'll take about 5 minutes to finish cooking a 1 ½-inch-thick steak to medium-rare on a stovetop and between 10 and 20 minutes if you’re finishing it in the oven. Rib-eye steak (which comes from — you guessed it — the rib section, or mid-section, of the cow) is a full-flavored cut of beef with lots of marbling throughout, which keeps it juicy when cooked. … If you look closely at your steak (or, any piece of meat, for that matter), you’ll notice a bunch of lines that run parallel to each other. This cuts through the muscle fibers, shortening them to the length of the slice. These cuts are getting fattier, meaning some of them are better for slow cooking and roasting. Popular cuts from the Rib include the rich, flavorful Ribeye Steak … For the perfect medium-rare thick-cut bone-in ribeye steak, grill for 18-20 minutes for a 2-inch steak, turning about 1 minute before the halfway point. That’s it: the grain. You’ve likely heard this before, but what does it actually mean? Rest your steaks for 5 minutes before serving, covering lightly with foil. Once you’ve identified the grain, you’ll want to slice against it, making perpendicular slices that form a “T” with the grain. This will allow the meat’s sugars to develop, forming a perfect crust. The bare minimum for recommended steak thickness is 1 inch (some naturally thin cuts, like flank and skirt, are the exception). Once you’ve identified the grain, you’ll want to slice against it, making perpendicular slices that form a “T” with the grain. Move the sliced ribeye meat to a serving plate, keeping … After finding the best steak to buy (we have suggestions that fit any budget), you have to cook it to the perfect level of doneness—that’s medium rare, if you’re asking me. After years of working in professional kitchens, Lindsay traded her knives in for the pen. You can also finish your steak by placing it in the oven. This cuts through the muscle fibers, shortening them to the length of the slice. Cook on one side for about 5 minutes, until your steak is browned and caramelized on the bottom. Let your steak sit for about 10 minutes so that it can reabsorb its juices. The knife should cut through the steak pretty much like butter. Take this money personality quiz from personal finance expert Rachel Cruze to find out. Season all sides of the rib-eyes liberally with salt and pepper. Sometimes the bone in variety is referred to as a prime rib steak, but they are the same cut of meat. Winterize Your Skincare Routine With These Derm-Recommended Products. Do you have a scarcity mindset or an abundance mindset? If you sliced parallel to the grain, each piece of meat would contain long, fibrous strands that are harder for your teeth to get through. Let's start from the beginning, though — aka buying your rib-eye.