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ENCI (Actor/Director/Writer) is an Actress who decided to write and direct a short film that is inspired by an event in her childhood that forever changed her life.

Being always conscious about her environment, Enci also decided to make this film as sustainable as possible, without leaving footprints behind and at the same time involving her community in helping her in this endeavor.

As an actress, Enci has worked in New York and Los Angeles, appearing in print campaigns, in commercials, on stage, and in films. Her credits include DAYS OF OUR LIVES and RUNNING WITH SCISSORS, and the indie films MY SILENT SADNESS, PLAYER, and THE FARAWAY LOOK OF A DREAMER.

Enci is the Co-Founder of the Bike Writers Collective, she serves on the SAG Hollywood Conservatory Committee, on the SAG Casting On Line Task Force Committee and on the East Hollywood Neighborhood Council Art & Culture Committee and lives car-free with her husband Stephen Box in Los Angeles and rides her bike everywhere. Please, change lanes when passing cyclists :-).

Follow Enci’s adventures in acting, directing and riding a bike in LA on twitter.

STEPHEN BOX (Executive Producer) produced Music Videos and Commercials, shooting in Miami, Detroit , Las Vegas and Los Angeles for companies such as Propaganda, A Band Apart and DNA. He worked with artists ranging from Limp Bizkit, Sugar Ray, KORN and Staind to Melissa Etheridge, Marc Anthony, Ricky Martin and Gloria Estefan. Through it all, he delivered – exceeding expectations and arriving on schedule and under budget.

Currently Stephen works with Neighborhood Councils and CBO’s throughout Los Angeles on communication and outreach endeavors, funding, advocacy, board retreats and campaign workshops.

He writes for CityWatchLA, LAist, and the Transit Coalition on alternative transportation, grass roots politics and bicycle activism.

Though the tools and technology are changing as quickly as we master them, through it all, Stephen believes that Storytelling remains the simplest and most effective mechanism for changing the world.

CHRISTINE JERIAN (Producer) was born in Chicago, but Los Angeles has been her home for over 20 years. She studied abroad in Oxford England, lived in Seattle where she worked for an environmental conservation and restoration crew. Christine has a diverse background in leading projects and campaigns.

She is an advocate for social justice and an activist at her core. She is an avid reader and loves the diverse pockets that make up the neighborhoods and communities in Los Angeles.

Christine recently received an Executive Masters in Leadership from the University of Southern California and has a BA in Urban Studies and planning. She is married to Hovig Kharmandalian.

CATHERINE MACKINNON (Producer) was born Deaf but wasn’t diagnosed until she was two and a half years of age. She is fortunate to learn ASL at a young age. Catherine graduated from Ryerson University School of Image Arts with a BFA in Film Studies. Recent film production work includes, the five time award winning short film entitled I’M NOT FROM HEAR in which she wrote and directed, USC Graduate film GLEE! in which she produced, and worked as an assistant production designer on AFI film EVERYTHING IN AZURE.As a performer, Catherine participated in the VAGINA MONOLOGUES with Vanessa Vaughan, Rachel McAdams and Shirley Douglas, as well as provided atmospheric vocals in SILENT HILL starring Sean Bean, Radha Mitchell and Jodelle Ferland. She’s worked with world-renowned theatre company, The Canadian Stage, providing theatre workshops for Deaf and Hard of Hearing youths.

Catherine has also worked with marblemedia in association with their production of and SPORTS VILLAGE, as well as several other television projects over the years. In her recent acting gig was in a comedy-improv show, KENNY VS. SPENNY previously aired on Showcase.

In addition, she’s also the co-founder and Festival Director of the Toronto International Deaf Film & Arts Festival. She loves going to film festivals and served as a long time volunteer at the Toronto International Film Festival and then participated as a S and I delegate in 2007.

Currently, Catherine is developing a documentary short, UNHEARD VOICES, in which she will direct and produce alongside the National Film Board of Canada-Ontario Production Centre as well as a Co-Producer of an upcoming Indie feature, HAMILL. Catherine is a board member of Sign World TV.

She’s thrilled to be part of AT WHAT PRICE team for their amazing concept of a “sustainable Green” film! She would like thank Laura Hill of Deaf West Theatre, who asked her to participate in the Reading workshop of VOICES FROM CHORNOBYL a co production of DWT and Antaeus Theater, where she met Enci , Stephen and Cindy Marie Jenkins. Catherine divides her time between Toronto and Los Angeles and holds O-1 work permit visa.

KIMBY CAPLAN (Director of Photography)
attended the University of Colorado at Boulder where she was exposed to the experimental and personal filmmaking of Stacy Steers, Patti Bruck, Stan Brakhage, and Phil Solomon. She went on to make four experimental short films, three of which received a Goldfarb award which is the highest honor possible as determined by faculty. One of these tied for a Golden Glove (best student film as determined by the student body). This is a record as yet unbroken; and these four films (alongside two others) now reside in a permanent collection, in the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences’ Film Archive at the Mary Pickford Center in Los Angeles, California.After graduating with a BFA in 1999, Kimby moved to Park City, Utah, where she volunteered at the Sundance Film Festival and worked as a ski instructor at Deer Valley Ski Resort. After several years of being inspired by the film scene at Sundance, Kimby enrolled in the Cinema-Television program at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. For her master’s project at Southern Methodist University she made the documentary film, LISTEN. LISTEN chronicled, on a personal level, the journey her parents took with Doreen Pollack (an audio-verbal therapist to the profoundly deaf). LISTEN went on to win a first place at an Academy accredited festival, The Black Maria, and received a 2005 Student Academy Award (Bronze medal in the documentary category). Excerpts have aired on ABC, NBC, and PBS; in addition to touring the country and showing at museums and universities across the country. Most remarkably,the film was at the crest of a wave of public interest in the world of the Deaf and the hearing impaired. This interest has led to increased information and media attention to cochlear implant technology, and the Deaf Pride that is now most evident at Gallaudet University (the nation’s premiere university for the culturally deaf) in Washington, DC.

Kimby Caplan graduated from the American Film Institute in Los Angeles, specializing in cinematography. She continues to work on experimental films, documentaries and narratives that she feels will contribute in positive ways to the advancement of those who are marginalized.

BRIAN SMITH (Creative Consultant) – Drawing upon a diverse background in the worlds of feature films, commercials and music videos, Brian Smith brings a unique creative perspective to every project he undertakes.

As a music video producer and director, he has worked with the top echelon of recording artists, including Shakira, Ricky Martin, Sublime, Ice Cube, DMX, Monster Magnet and many others, guiding dozens of video productions to chart success. As a director, his concept-oriented clips have garnered awards and exposure at numerous festivals and industry showcases, including the Los Angeles International Short Film Festival, and the USA Film Festival’s National Short Film Competition.

Recently, Brian directed and co-produced the independent feature film REMEMBERING PHIL, which premiered at the inaugural Downtown Film Festival, Los Angeles and has also been selected for festival showcases in Chicago, Beverly Hills, and Big Bear Lake. The darkly comedic character study, with a superb ensemble cast headed by Nicholas Turturro, Christina Murphy, Steve Valentine and Dan Castellaneta, aptly showcases Brian’s directorial emphasis on story and character development.

In addition to his directing work, Brian has produced or executive-produced more than a dozen feature films, and also earned membership in the Writers Guild of America. Throughout his years of experience, Brian has built relationships with a dedicated pool of talent, crew, and other creative allies, and enjoys discovering and nurturing new talent in all areas of the entertainment business.

He can be visited on his website at

JENNIFER MORAN (Art Director) has a B.A. in Anthropology from the University of Chicago. She’s an artist and community activist living and working in East Hollywood. Her photography and painting work hangs in the homes of several private collectors and has been installed by interior designer, Tamara Honey.

Jennifer is on the East Hollywood Neighborhood Council and is the co-chair of the Arts and Culture Committee with Enci Box. Earlier this year Jennifer and Enci developed and coordinated the First Annual East Hollywood ArtCycle. The idea was to profile the community by bridging two of its native allies: artists and cyclists. Jennifer is now studying permaculture concepts so that she can weave sustainability into everything she does.

She is thrilled to be working with the talented crew assembled for this film!

CHRISTY MARIE HAUPTMAN (Costume Designer) is a vibrant young designer from the island of Maui who has been chasing her dreams since day one. Never accepting “no” for an answer has made her dream a reality. She continues to perfect her design methods, and push the creative envelope further and further.

In addition to her success as a designer, she has also been able to pursue an acting career, starring in almost as many productions as she has designed costumes for. While she continues to inspire those around her, she remains focused on the horizon. She knows that being aware and optimistic are the very keys to her success. For more info, visit

CINDY MARIE JENKINS (Script Consultant and Lillian Adam’s Chauffeur) is a freelance based in Los Angeles. She acts as Artistic Associate for The Antaeus Theater Company, where she teaches classical theater, and is a Resident Artist with both The Indy Convergence and The Menander Theatre Company. Her adaptation of VOICES FROM CHORNOBYL has been produced in different venues around Los Angeles and productions are planned worldwide every April to commemorate and raise awareness of the accident. She was invited to be a Key Note Speaker at “Remember Chernobyl,” an Annual Networking Conference for UK & Irish Chernobyl Charities, where the Demo premiered and the VFC Anniversary Readings launched. She runs an ongoing workshop of MACBETH in Los Angeles, called MACBETH RE-EXplore for the re-exploration they do at every meeting. She frequently coaches through coaxing: both for writers and actors.

She has adapted many stories to the stage, including KING ARTHUR for children. Other playwrighting includes: LEGITIMATE BASTARDS: A MORE CONSIDERED BELIEF (an adaptation of at-risk stories and KING LEAR), SAFE HAVEN, THE GREEK CYCLE: ONE TRUE GODS, as well as a collection of short stories and poetry devoted to the tricks that memory plays on us. Cindy is collaborating with musician Stephen GC on THE SONG OF ISADORA, (former title: TEN), a musical challenging one’s individual worth in times of war; a workshop production was presented in March 2008, and segments of the play were performed among the Arlington West Vets For Peace Iraq war memorial. She was invited by E.M. Lewis to speak on a panel at the first installment of the War Plays Project.

Cindy graduated from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts with a major in Drama Direction & Design, and was on a Planning Sub-Committee for the 2009 Directors Lab West.

Visit Cindy’s blog at

DUSTIN SLAUGHTER (Documentary Filmmaker) is a documentary filmmaker and citizen journalist from Philadelphia, PA who now lives in Los Angeles.

He served as an assistant editor on two feature documentaries and also produces his own projects, including a short documentary about the Church of Scientology as well as L. A. County Jail’s mentally ill and what the future holds for the controversial facility.

He is thrilled to document Enci’s pioneering attempt at pure green filmmaking.

Befriend Dustin on facebook and follow him on twitter.

HOVIG KHARMANDALIAN (Footprintologist) has a passion for the outdoors; he is an avid camper and hiker. Having hiked to the peak of Mt. Whitney 6 times and planning his 7th trip for this September, he has a deep understanding of what it means to “Leave No Trace”.

His love of the natural environment drives his commitment to find practical solutions for living in a way that is environmentally sustainable. It was his quest for practical solutions to living “green” that prompted him to start his own company, Footprintology.

He specializes in helping individuals and business find practical, effective and efficient solutions to reduce their carbon footprint. Hovig is certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). Follow Hovig’s tweets at

ALFREDO HERNANDEZ (Park Czar) was born and raised in Hollywood, and he has a passion for everything LA. As an amateur photographer and freelance writer he documents life in LA as best he can. He is very active in his community serving as Chair of the East Hollywood Neighborhood Council Planning & Beautification Committee as well as being one of its founding board members. He also serves on the US Veterans Artist Alliance (USVAA) board dedicated to creating opportunities for Veterans in the Arts and is an Artists in Action event coordinator for Empowerment Works, a non-profit that has been empowering humanity to co-create a healthier, culturally rich, and environmentally secure future around the world. Occasionally he will work on a fundraiser or five. Another one of Alfredo’s passions is parks and green spaces.

Alfredo worked for the City’s Recreation & Parks Department for 10 years before leaving to work for the Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust (LANLT), a non-profit organization whose mission is to create small, accessible community green and open space, such as parks and gardens in Los Angeles’ under-served neighborhoods. Additionally, Alfredo serves on the Friends of the Hollywood Cap Park board, a non-profit organization devoted to the creation of a 44 acre park over the 101 freeway in Hollywood as its Government Relations Committee Co-Chair.

Add Alfredo’s blog to your rss feed at and follow him on twitter at Oh yeah, GO DODGERS!

CASSANDRA PRUETT (Citizen Forester)


RON DURGIN (Transpo Captain)