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#It Was The Age of Wisdom

evening dresses ukWith less than a week to go before we start shooting, we took the afternoon to attend the Reel Green Conference in Burbank. With crunch time looming and so much work to be done, it was a little nerve wracking to stop work on the film to cross town an sit in an airplane hangar for the afternoon to talk Green but…

It was so BRILLIANT!

Enci and I rode our bikes from the NoHo Red Line Station out to the Burbank airport, an interesting choice of location that revealed a wee bit of the opportunity that faces Burbank, connectivity and alternative transportation choices. It was a tough venue to access.

We were joined by Catherine (Producer) and Amanda (Set PA), Christine (Producer) and Hovig (FootPrintologist) and a sign interpreter provided by the City of Burbank. Props to Burbank for accommodating us!

From the signage to location, to the recycled nametags, to the admonition to bring your own or chip in to rent cups, to the cloth napkins and china, to the compost trash cans, to the hand fans instead of AC, everything about the simple settling in process communicated that the Green Revolution is underway.

In fact, in the opening comments, George S. Kizis of Green Print Alliance declared “We’re at war. We’re fighting for a sustainable planet!”

The Reel Green Conference was put on by many folks, all members of the Burbank Green Alliance, and led by Jessica Alridge and Kreigh Hampel. They are our good friends from Burbank’s Zero Waste program and under their leadership, we met folks from all aspects of the Entertainment Industry, all committed to changing the world from the inside out.

Our sustainable production journey has encountered a few obstacles along the way but when surrounded by so many folks in the same circumstances, we were encouraged experienced a sense of confirmation that we’re on the right track.

Christine’s Green Line “stamps instead of business cards” printing solution turned out to be a hit and the four of us were able to leave our “mark” and contact info without having to waste paper. Simple solution but such a great message!

Enci’s chopsticks and cutlery kit also turned heads and got a nod or two, reaffirming that the little steps are important and lead to larger solutions.

Catherine MacKinnon wins at Reel Green WorkshopThrough it all we were challenged to think big by thinking small, starting with ourselves and changing those things around us that we control and allowing our commitments and behavior to resonate and inspire. We were encouraged to set goals, communicate loudly.

It was great to be surrounded by so many people who took on the many different elements of Film Production, from transportation to lighting to catering to production, all in attempt to find the sustainable route.

Props to the Burbank Green Alliance for bringing so many creative people together to take on “the Greening of Hollywood” and for inspiring us to stay on course.

Loaded with great ideas and lots of contacts including two volunteers who want to join our team of Greensters, we thought things could not get better and then…Catherine’s name was called and she won the door prize, a Showbiz Directory and a Kodak Picnic Backpack!

It just keeps getting better!

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  1. Posted July 12, 2009 at 9:22 am by Fay Feeney | Permalink

    Thanks for the blog on the green event. It was great being a part of this community making green happen in entertainment. Many thanks to the organizers and presenters for a great event.

  2. Posted July 13, 2009 at 2:47 am by Lauren Selman | Permalink

    Thanks for coming out to our event. It was a pleasure having you out there and meeting with you. I am looking forward to following up with Dustin about your doc. :) I think I might have to invest in a stamp! You are officially REEL (Responsible Entertainment Environmental Leaders)!!

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