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#EnciFilm Blog – Take One

Enci is shooting a film and already it’s changing my life.

Ya see, this sustainability commitment means that I can’t leave the house without preparing as if for a camping trip. It used to be that I only had to grab my keys, some business cards and my cell phone but now…Phew!

Water bottle, coffee mug, utensils, cloth napkins, snacks, a couple of reusable shopping bags, a dog-eared copy of the Urban Homestead, some yucca for soap and rope, and a huge nagging conviction that I’m somehow not prepared for the sustainability challenges of the day.

Heaven forbid I should leave something at home and that I should get caught by Enci drinking soda out of a styro cup!

Actually, it’s not so hard after the first few days of making the commitment to begin every decision by positioning the sustainable choice at the front. But it’s still conscious. At some point I’m sure this will become a habit and I can go back to daydreaming and getting lost and filling my days with serendipity.

We went through the same journey of discovery when we started putting some serious miles on our bikes. One or two flat tires in the middle of nowhere and we were quickly trained to pack for all circumstances with everything we could think of and enough of it for us and for those we met along the way.

Not a bad mantra for life!

So it is that I find myself going through the same shift in awareness with this film.

As for the film, I’m surrounded by wonderful people who are extremely talented and I’m inspired by them all. Enci is very lucky and I am in awe!

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