His brother James, 15, still remains in a critical condition. Two teenager foreign nationals on vacation in Greece died and a third one was seriously injured while they were doing parasailing in the Lindos area of the island of Rhodes on Wednesday. In one such parasailing accident that happened on August 16, 2012, a 28-year-old woman fell to her death in Pompano Beach, Florida after her safety harness malfunctioned. According to the reports, the organisers on the event, which was part of a three-day function organized by the Coimbatore Medical College, had not asked for police permission. GENEROUS Brits have donated more than £40,000 to the devastated family of two teens killed in a Greek parasailing accident – as a third fights for his life in hospital. WTVJ’s Steve Litz reports. A teenage Russian tourist died in Turkey after his parasailing cable broke 200ft above the sea and he crash landed into a palm tree. Watch Video: Man falls to death from 60-metres in parasailing accident in Coimbatore. Show Me The Ropes. The parasail allows them to drift behind the anchor object several feet in the air. The family of a Connecticut woman who died parasailing with her husband while on vacation in Florida is reeling from the loss of a young woman with a … A man is in critical condition after a parasailing accident on Lake George. Hussey was married to a Thai woman named by police as Boosabong Tongsanga who was recording a video of the incident. Her school Uppingham Community College has posted a statement from principal Ben Solly onto its website today and requested that the school community reads it. In the summer of 2007, Amber May White of Summerfield, Florida was parasailing with her sister off Pompano when the line snapped in high winds, allowing the girls to be slammed onto the roof of a hotel Tickets for a parasailing turn were sold at Rs. A pensioner has died while on a ‘dream holiday’ while parasailing. A California man fell to his death after he became detached from his harness while paragliding. Two British teenagers have been killed and another has been injured in a parasailing accident in Rhodes, Greece. A PROMINENT Perth businessman has fallen to his death in a tragic parasailing accident in Thailand, with the incident filmed by his wife standing on the shore. Two British teenagers have been killed and a third critically injured after a rope holding their parasailing parachute snapped. The trio are said to have been found on rocks near Lindos on the island of Rhodes. Most cases of injury or death associated with parasailing occur when the towline breaks. Rhodes: The parasailing death – How the two children from Britain lost their lives, in shock their parents October 29, 2020 October 29, 2020 kefaloniapulse 0 Comments The local community of Rhodes remains in a state of shock from the untold tragedy that took place on the island with the victims of two minor brothers from Britain who had come to Greece for a vacation with their parents. 500. A Connecticut woman fell nearly 200 feet in a parasailing accident off the coast of Florida’s Pompano Beach. Roger Hussey, 70, fell 100ft to his death in Phuket, Thailand, yesterday afternoon while dozens of people watched. Parasailing accidents are not uncommon across the Mediterranean. Jessica, 15, was killed in a parasailing accident in Rhodes along with her cousin Michael Connelly, 13. Tamil Nadu News | Written by J Sam Daniel Stalin | Monday August 8, 2016 . Horrified onlookers captured the jaw-dropping ordeal on video. A boy of 15 and a girl, 13, were … News Video. The Coast Guard states in a safety press release that, “Failures occur significantly below the rated towline strengths due to a variety of reasons that may include cyclic loading, long-term exposure to environmental elements, the presence of knots and overloading.” Stories worth watching (10 Videos) Daughter watches dad die in paragliding accident . Sachin Tendulkar Goes Parasailing While on Vacation With Family, Shares Video on Instagram Sachin Tendulkar is having a great time with his family. Parasail operators claim Australian man Roger John Hussey who plunged 40 metres on a beach in Thailand caused his own death by unbuckling his harness. Parasailing or parakiting is a sport wherein a person is pulled behind an anchor object, typically a boat but in some cases a car or motorbike, and they are lifted in the air by way of a parasail which looks very similar to a parachute. The boat driver, Monthein Jandang, 45, and the parasail controller, Roongroj Rakcheep, 38 (who went in the air with Hussey), were charged with recklessness causing death. A 53-year-old man parasailing … Video All videos. The accident happened when the ropes tying their surfboard to the kite broke, and they were thrown against the rocks on an islet located between Peykos and Lindos, local media reported. Police say it happened on Saturday near Tea Island. The Coast Guard and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission will file reports on the death. TWO people have been arrested after two British teenagers died and a third was left fighting for his life following a horrific parasailing accident in Greece.