Aluminium composite panels (ACPs) ACPs are thin sandwich-type panels made from two sheets of aluminium bound to a core of insulating material. aluminum composite panels and columns installation instructions general notes panel labels these instructions are general in scope and form. Bonding of the aluminium and the core is achieved by both chemical and mechanical action, this giving exceptional bond integrity. Email Processing guidelines for aluminium composite panels Bending KömaAlu panels can be shaped into different forms using the conventional methods of metal and plastics processing. panels / columns are to be handled and stored in accordance with sheet t-1 and h-1 of this drawing set throughout the installation process. A common use for ACPs is as external claddings on multi-level buildings as they are relatively lightweight and sturdy, while the aluminium sheets can be painted any colour. ALUCOBOND PLUS material may be routed using one of the two following methods: (Either method should use … This fabrication method is unique to composite panel fabrication and is referred to as Rout & Return. Panels should not have the corners or edges constrained by mechanical fixing that may result in buckling or deformation of the panel away from the plane of the panel. We will introduce some of the most common methods of Aluminium composite panel installation. With a variety of standard colors and finishes, coupled with the ability to meet any custom color requirement, design options are limited only by your imagination. than offer ACM panels. Floor model woodworking jointers are effective for edge finishing. 1.0 PURPOSE: The purpose of this procedure is to define how the Wall Panels Fabrication and Installation shall be carried out under the controlled condition. Fix the handles, locks. Installation of the hinged door and window leaves on the frames already erected on site shall be as follow: Doors and windows panels shall be delivered to the site fully glazed including hinges, locks etc. Phone +91 94280 02237 . Composite panels which have this distinguishing feature should not be installed in a step formation where each row of panels, starting at the eaves, is incrementally advanced across the roof. We manufacture aluminum composite panels and installation systems designed to maintain a consistent and long-lasting professional look. However, the multilayered structure of the material results in some special attributes that you must take into consideration. Home; About us; Product. As an example, common aluminium composite panels can reach temperatures as high at 85ºC, resulting in as much as 1mm growth in each corner, per square metre of panel. Please refer to ALUCOMAT® Manual and then consult with accredited engineers or technicians as appropriate. 2.0 SCOPE: This method statement covers the detailed procedure to be followed for Supply & Installation of wall panels as per approved shop drawings and schedule of finishes for the project.. failure to comply with the instructions listed on the installation The diagram overleaf demonstrates the difference and highlights the correct method of installation. ALUCOMAT® Aluminium Composite Material (also known as Aluminium Composite Panel) can work with major types of cladding profile systems.Information provided in this section is for preliminary reference. Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) DESCRIPTION Aluminium Composite Panel consists of a thermoplastic compound core sandwich between two pre-painted or brushed steel effect aluminium sheets. accordingly. Toggle navigation. To calculate the minimum bending radius: Place the door and window panels in the respective frames & hinges. 08. Location Himatnagar, India. Demo Clip • Fixing ACM (ACP) Cassettes to Cladding Profile Structure We will introduce some of the most common methods of Aluminium composite panel installation.