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#EHNC Endorses “At What Price”

adorable flower girl dressesTonight, the East Hollywood Neighborhood Council became the first NC in the City of Los Angeles to endorse a sustainable film project.

The EHNC is one of the two youngest of the 89 NC’s in the city, but it is one of the most innovative and progressive communities.

East Hollywood produced a music video as their certification application, they were the first NC to endorse the Cyclists’ Bill of Rights, they created the wildly successful ArtCycle event that drew thousands of people for a day of bike tours and art walks and street festival, and they were the first NC to declare themselves a Pedestrian-Oriented Community.

Enci’s commitment to a sustainable film project is much more that simply avoiding styrofoam and plasticware, it’s about integrating with the community and partnering with the neighborhood and leaving it better than we found it. That’s why she was so committed to seeking their endorsement and to having them be a part of the film production.

It was a long night, we arrived at 7 having spent the few hours prior in production meetings and we settled in for what turned out to be a four hour meeting.

Enci and Christine and Catherine settled in and two ASL interpreters took turns signing the meeting. East Hollywood is home to 100 languages and as of tonight, we can proudly say it’s now 101! (btw, ASL is the 4th most commonly used language in the United States)

I introduced Enci and Christine and Catherine to the Board and they all spoke of the film project and their desire to have the EHNC partner with them and endorse the project. They spoke of the rich diversity of the neighborhood and the similar diversity of the production team. Enci pointed out that her story of Eastern Europe is set in a dense neighborhood just like many in East Hollywood and she drew the East2 theme.

Catherine and Christine both spoke of their journeys to this point. Catherine just finished producing the Toronto International DEAF Film & Arts Festival and met Enci when they performed together at the Antaeus production of Voices From Chornobyl at the Deaf West Theatre.

Christine just graduated from USC with her Masters in Leadership and met Enci when we first got involved with Neighborhood Councils and Christine was working for the City of LA as a community organizer.

A Boardmember moved to endorse, another seconded and it was time to vote.

Then there was a pause. “I’m gonna have to recuse myself from the vote because I’m working on this film.” said Alfredo. Jennifer followed Alfredos comment, recusing herself, because of her involvement. David, the Board President said “Well, I’m going to be working on this film as well, so I’m also recusing myself.” David passed the gavel to Elson, the vice-president who paused and then said” Actually, I’m also working on the film.”

Finally Joe was able to take the gavel and call for the vote and the East Hollywood Neighborhood Council voted unanimously to endorse “At What Price” and to partner with us in establishing sustainability standards for film production in their neighborhood.

Absolutely one of the best nights in a long time!

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