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Great Write-up from Green Works Links

Lights! Camera! Environmental Action!! “I don’t believe in purchasing offsets because I think that is bull!”,” says Enci as she prepares to produce her first environmentally responsible film. “Everybody who has money can pretend to be green by paying other people off and that, to me, is bribery. It doesn’t do the community or the [...]

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We have a Twitter Page I’m tired, so I don’t have a whole lot to write right now. I will have by the end of the week hopefully a complete count of our footprint so far. We are doing excellent but I know it’s going to be more and more challenging with time. Having a DP interested in shooting [...]

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Bridesmaid dresses designer service

Every single dress made at Bridesmaid.Design, whether standard size or custom fit, is made to order. This is done to provide our customers with as many options for our products as possible. Plus size or petite, bright orange or cool champagne, we can make a dress to fit your size and style. Also, this way we [...]

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A Great Week!

This week has been quite exiting on many levels. – We have two wonderful women producers on our team:  Christine Jerian and Catherine MacKinnon – Documentary Filmmaker Dustin Slaughter joined us as well to document the sustainability shoot of this short film.

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Easy Facebook Fanpage Link

Facebooks page url is so long and cumbersome, we created an easy one that you can share easily with friends and family on your twitter page, blog, profile updates, website, etc. Thank you for being our friend!

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List of Farmers Markets in the Hollywood Area

Here is a list of Farmers Markets in the Hollywood Area that are open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays for fresh fruits and vegetables for cast and crew. Will still need to ask Erik Knutzen (from what he can provide us with from his garden and how much. Whatever he can’t provide, can come from [...]

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Green Screen – A Sustainable Production

I’m going to direct my first short film in June. This is a project that has been with me for the past 9 months and finally I’m going to make it a reality. The setting is Eastern Europe in 1978 and the subject is child abandonment. My husband is 100% behind me on this project [...]

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