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Rebels and Greensters in Austria’s Media TV – TV Guide

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Screening of AT WHAT PRICE and Documentary Teaser

bridesmaid dresses nzRebel Without a Car Productions

Presents a FREE screening of AT WHAT PRICE and a 10 minute teaser of “REEL SUSTAINABLE – the making of a 100% sustainable film.”


Barnsdall Gallery Theatre
(located atop Olive Hill)
Barnsdall Art Park Complex
4814 Hollywood Boulevard
Hollywood, CA 90027

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A Sustainable Film Shoot Invades East Hollywood

evening formal dressesEast Hollywood has garnered a reputation as the Neighborhood Council of firsts. They were the first NC to use a Music Video as their application for certification. They were the first NC to endorse the Cyclists’ Bill of Rights. They were first to declare themselves a Pedestrian Oriented Community and they were the first to partner with a sustainable Film Production Company. The short film that they endorsed is titled AT WHAT PRICE and shooting wrapped this past month. This film used 100% sustainability standards that no other production company ever dared to do. Continue reading »

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A Scene from Upcoming ‘Green’ Documentary Now Up!

In this scene, Stu Lennox, owner of LibertyPak, explains his electric generator, or ‘genny.’ This scene is from a documentary detailing filmmaker Enci’s attempt at making a 100% sustainable short film. This is the first of a few clips, so spread the word, stay tuned and thanks for rating and commenting!

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Website and Documentary Clips Coming Soon…

Hello everyone!

This afternoon I met with my multimedia expert/editor to begin brainstorming ideas for rolling out the documentary on RWOC’s efforts at sustainable filmmaking. We’ve hashed out a basic color scheme (guess what that might be) for the website and have a solid idea of what the layout is going to be.  I also made the decision to roll out a number of roughly edited clips instead of a trailer, primarily because I want to create additional buzz for both projects while educating people at the same time. Stay tuned for updates and thanks for stopping by RWOC.

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#It Was The Age of Wisdom

evening dresses ukWith less than a week to go before we start shooting, we took the afternoon to attend the Reel Green Conference in Burbank. With crunch time looming and so much work to be done, it was a little nerve wracking to stop work on the film to cross town an sit in an airplane hangar for the afternoon to talk Green but…

It was so BRILLIANT!

Enci and I rode our bikes from the NoHo Red Line Station out to the Burbank airport, an interesting choice of location that revealed a wee bit of the opportunity that faces Burbank, connectivity and alternative transportation choices. It was a tough venue to access. Continue reading »

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#EHNC Endorses “At What Price”

adorable flower girl dressesTonight, the East Hollywood Neighborhood Council became the first NC in the City of Los Angeles to endorse a sustainable film project.

The EHNC is one of the two youngest of the 89 NC’s in the city, but it is one of the most innovative and progressive communities.

East Hollywood produced a music video as their certification application, they were the first NC to endorse the Cyclists’ Bill of Rights, they created the wildly successful ArtCycle event that drew thousands of people for a day of bike tours and art walks and street festival, and they were the first NC to declare themselves a Pedestrian-Oriented Community. Continue reading »

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#Smart Folks on the Journey

bike trailer shopI spent the morning at City Hall, participating in a robust discussion of LA’s nascent PediCab industry at the Transportation Commission.

Long story short, the LADOT has spent about a year and a half working on their proposed 16 pages of rules and regulations for the operation of PediCabs that left the public convinced that they have never, ever spoken to a cyclist before nor are they interested in ever having that conversation. Nevertheless, we gave it our best and we hope that LA will soon have PediCabs rolling through our neighborhoods. Continue reading »

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Documentary’s working title: ‘Green Dreams.’ Thoughts?

Hello all!  I’m afraid I haven’t formally introduced myself.  I’m Dustin and I’m the director/shooter for the documentary on Enci’s pioneering attempt at a 100% sustainable film.  Here’s a preview and brief introduction to her attempt:

We had an extremely productive meeting today.  We were graced with the charm and brilliance of director of photography Kimby Caplan.  Welcome Kimby! Continue reading »

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Great Write-up from Green Works Links

film clapper enciLights! Camera! Environmental Action!!

“I don’t believe in purchasing offsets because I think that is bull!”,” says Enci as she prepares to produce her first environmentally responsible film. “Everybody who has money can pretend to be green by paying other people off and that, to me, is bribery. It doesn’t do the community or the planet any good.”

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